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2-player games

Why should I play a game allowing only 2 players, instead of game allowing 2 players and above?

The reason is game mechanics of 2-player game can usually be optimally designed for 2 players, as game designer does not have to compromise any game mechanics at all to make it fun for larger number of players. In fact, the most enduring board games in human history like Chess & Go are 2-player games. If you are a gaming couple, or you would like to find partner easily to play frequently, it follows that you should focus in some good 2-player games.
Babel Jambo Lost Cities Tally Ho!
Dvonn Fjords Memoir '44

Aren't there games for more than 2 players also good for 2 players?

Despite the challenges, some game designers still created some marvellous games not only for 2 players, but also for more people. A well known example is Carcassonne by Klaus-Jürgen Wrede. In 2-player game, the players have more control of the game; while in a more people game, there is less control but there can be more interactions.