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Here's a little guide to choose a game suiting best what you're looking for.

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These games are suitable for people from the age indicated and above. In fact adults also find these games very stimulating and will enjoy very much.

From which age?
5-year ++ 6-year ++
Penguin Chateau Roquefort
8-year ++  
Alhambra Hey! That's My Fish! Tally Ho!
Bang! series Ingenious Ticket to Ride series
Carcassonne series Memoir '44 Word on the Street Junior
Cardcassonne Saboteur series Zooloretto
Fjords Small World series
9-year ++
Dvonn Sherwood Forest
10-year ++
7 Wonders Lost Cities series Strozzi
Bohnanza Notre Dame Taluva
Caylus Magna Carta Nuns on the Run Thebes
Citadels Pandemic Thurn & Taxis
Dominion series San Juan Tikal
Finca Santiago Tobago
Fresco Settlers of Catan series Vikings
Hacienda St Petersburg series Ys
If Wishes Were Fishes Stone Age
Jambo Samurai
12-year ++
Amun Re La Citta Ra
Babel Louis XIV Race for the Galaxy series
Caylus Mystery Express Taj Mahal
El Grande Decenniel Power Grid Torres
Factory Manager Puerto Rico Word on the Street
In the Shadow of the Emperor