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Restock in 2023 Aug
Wir sind das Volk! (We are the People!)

New Addition in 2022 February
Lost Cities Rivals

First Arrival in Singapore by None Other Than WoBG in 2019
Dizzle, Fuji

New Launch in July 2018!
We are proud to introduce to you ModelShop automata toys!
Humourous, entertaining, inspirational, educational & aesthetic pleasing
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First Arrival in Singapore by None Other Than WoBG in 2018
Aladdin & the Magic Lamp, Animals On Board, Around the World in 80 Days (rethemed Hare & Tortoise), Deja-Vu, Die Fiesen 7 (The Nasty 7), Geistertreppe Metalldose (Spooky Stairs Metal Box), GiftTrap Mini Taboo, Haru Ichiban, Macroscope, Switching Tracks, Tumult Royale, Ubongo Trigo, World Monuments

First Arrival in Singapore by None Other Than WoBG in 2017
13 Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis 1962, Cottage Garden, Crossboule Brasil/ Goal/ Home/ Stripes Dance/ Stripes Shake/ Stripes Slide, Essen the Game, Exit: The Game - The Abandoneed Cabin, Exit: The Game - The Pharaoh's Tomb, Exit: The Game - The Secret Lab, Game of Trains, Ghost Fightin' Treasure Hunters, Honshu, Kingdomino, Kuddelmuddel, Leo, Magic Maze, Mmm!, Patchistory, Pi mal Pflaumen, Rory's Story Cubes - Intergalactic, Rory's Story Cubes - Medic, Rory's Story Cubes - Score, Schatz Rabatz, Skull King, Spinderella, Swish, Träxx, Wombat Rescue, Wunderland

First Arrival in Singapore by None Other Than WoBG in 2016
El Gaucho, Epix, Essen, Geistesblitz Spooky Doo, Halli Galli Junior, Los Incognitos, Operation: Kindergarten, Qwinto, Qwirkle Star Wars, The Game: Spiel... so lange du kannst!, Zicke Zacke Mini

First Arrival in Singapore by None Other Than WoBG in 2015
23, Co-Mix, Dixit 3, Expedition: Famous Explorers, Imperial Settlers, Innovation (Iello), Leg Los!, Master Merchant, Mood X, Pick-a-Seal, Orléans, Tajemnicze Domostwo (Mysterium), Qwirkle Simpsons, Robot Turtles, Wir sind das Volk! (We are the People!)

First Arrival in Singapore by None Other Than WoBG in 2014
6 Nimmt! Anniversary Edition, Battle Sheep, Biberbande, Camel Up, Complots, Crazykick, Der Verzauberte Turm (The Enchanted Tower), Diego Drachenzahn, Fliegen Klatschen, Fungi, Geistesblitz 2.0, Hanabi Pocket, Hick Hack in Gackelwack (Pick Picknic), Hugo - Das Schlossgespenst (Midnight Party), Jungle Speed Expansion, Kakerlakensuppe, King Lui, Kleine Fische, Lobo 77, Mini Rüsselbande, Mondo Sapiens, Photo Party, Pick-a-Polar Bear, Polterfass, Port Royal, Qwirkle Disney, Rokoko, Sanssouci, Simsala Hopp, Splendor, Tayü, Ugo!, Yokai no Mori, Zooloretto: Löwenedition

First Arrival in Singapore by None Other Than WoBG in 2013
11 Nimmt!, Aargh!Tect, Alcatraz: Maximum Security, Billy Biber, Bohn to be Wild!, Cambria, Carcassonne: Winter Edition, Carson City (Master Print 2ed), Carson City Expansion: Gold & Guns, Coloretto 10 Year Anniversary Edition, Die Kutschfahrt zur Teufelsburg (Coach Ride to Devil's Castle), Eselsbrücke, Firenze, Hanabi, Hase und Igel, Heimlich & Co., Helvetia, Jäger und Sammler (Hunters & Gatherers), Kakerlakak, Keltis (with Expansion), Keltis das Orakel, Kuhhandel Master, La Boca, Linus: Der Kleine Magier, Manimals: Australien & Neuseeland (Australia & New Zealand), Manimals: Ozeane, Küsten & Pole (Ocean, Coast & Pole), Riff Raff, Santa Cruz, Seeland, Serengeti, Shanghaien, Spielbox, Sticheln, Super Farmer, Turmbauer, Urland, Yedo

First Arrival in Singapore by None Other Than WoBG in 2012
Adios Amigo, Alcatraz: the Scapegoat, Crossboule, Durchblick!, Geistesblitz, GiftTrap Mini Blue/ Orange/ Pink, Halli Galli Sommerspaß, Hol's der Geier, Kakerlakenpoker, Kakerlakensalat, König von Siam (King of Siam), Korsar, Larry Lasso, Manimals, Meuterer (Mutineer), Mister X, Mogel Motte, Monster-Falle, Mystery Garden, Polarity, Sake & Samurai, Snapshot, Thor, Ubongo Mini, Uluru

First Arrival in Singapore by None Other Than WoBG in 2011!
Auf Achse (On the Road), Rallyman, Sun Sea & Sand, The Boss, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Modern Art (German edition), Safranito, Zicke Zacke Igelkacke, Burg der 1000 Spiegel (Castle of 1000 Mirrors), Euphrat & Tigris, Fluch der Mumie (Curse of the Mummy), Gemblo, Nacht der Magier (Magician's Night), K2, Powerboats

Hard-to-Find Games: 11 Nimmt!, 13 Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis 1962, A Fake Artist Goes to New York, Aladdin & the Magic Lamp, Alles Tomate!, Animals On Board, Arimaa, Auf Achse, Cartagena: die Meuterei (Cartagena: the Mutiny), Coloretto 10 Year Anniversary Edition, Co-Mix, Commands & Colors: Napoleonics, Compounded, Crossboule, Das Magisch Labyrinth (The Magic Labyrinth), Deja-Vu, Die Fiesen 7 (The Nasty 7), Dixit Journey, Dizzle, El Gaucho, Endeavor, Essen, Elysium, Essen the Game, Filou (Felix: Cat in the Sack), Finca + El Razul Expansion, Finstere Flure (Fearsome Floors), Firenze, Fliegen Klatschen, Flussfieber (Fast Flowing Forest Fellers), For Sale, For Sale Travel Edition, Fungi, Geistesblitz, Geistesblitz 2.0, Geistesblitz Spooky Doo, GiftTrap Mini, Halli Galli, Halli Galli Junior, Haru Ichiban, Heckmeck am Bratwurmeck (Pickomino), Incan Gold, Insider, Jäger und Sammler, Jungle Speed Expansion, Kaigan, Kakerlakak, Kakerlakenpoker, Kakerlakensalat, Kakerlakensuppe, Kakerlakentanz, Kaleidos, Keltis (with Expansion), Keltis Das Orakel, Kemet, King & Assassins, Kosmonauts, Kuddelmuddel, Kuhhandel Master, La Isla, Ladybohn, Land Unter (Turn the Tide), Leg Los!, Leo, Lobo 77, Los Incognitos, Lost Cities, Manhattan, Manila, Manimals, Meuterer (Mutineer), Mogel Motte, Mood X, Nelly, Oltre Mare, Patchistory, Patchwork, Photo Party, Pi mal Pflaumen, Pick-a-Polar Bear, Pick-a-Seal, Piranha Pedro, Port Royal, Qwinto, Qwirkle Disney, Qwirkle Simpsons, Qwirkle Star Wars, Qwixx, Rattus Pied Piper Expansion, Rory's Story Cubes - Intergalactic, Rory's Story Cubes - Medic, Rory's Story Cubes - Score, Safranito, Sanssouci, Santa Cruz, Shanghaien, Skull King, Spinderella, Sticheln, Switching Tracks, Take It Easy!, The Game: Spiel... so lange du kannst!, TransAmerica, Träxx, Tribune, Ubongo, Urland, What's My Word? Travel Edition, Valdora Extra, Verflixxt! (That's Life), Wir sind das Volk!, Wombat Rescue, World Monuments, Wunderland, Xanadu, Yokai, Yokai no Mori, Zendo, Zoff im Zoo (Frank's Zoo)

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