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Who Are We?

World of Board Games was founded by a family from Germany, where families and friends get very often together playing strategy games and board games. Games provide real fun, with an opportunity to bond together and learn about strategies. In fact, they are so popular in Germany that the board games designed and published there are the best in the world.

Through board games, my wife & I became friends with this German family. In autumn 2010, as they left Singapore, we took on the baton of spreading the world of board games. When we were kids, my father taught me Chinese Chess & Scrabble; my wife used to save up pocket money to buy second hand Cluedo, and etc, to play with her siblings. We have been hooked, and now we still enjoy Cluedo. I had been losing the Chess games to my uncle since my primary school days. When I lost, my temper flared but I gradually learnt to be composed and my interest in the game never waned. One day in my university days, we played again. It was tough but eventually I won. The feeling was fantastic as if I have graduated or conquered a mountain! (I think he didn't lose purposely, or I shall believe) Over the years, modern board games are so much better designed and has exploded in theme & game-play varieties that board-gaming culture has become stronger and stronger. Both of us like playing board games, and wish to play the games with our children. Hopefully the great games & the positive gaming spirits will be passed down for generations ...

What Can We Do for You?

We select great designer board games and import into Singapore at good price for you.

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