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Factory Manager Board Game In Catalog, you find that most of our board games are award winners. That's because we aim to bring you the best and the better quality designer board games. Nevertheless, with the explosion of excellent board games, we may need help to narrow down the possible games for your specific needs or preferences.

Please use the filters to help narrow down the game-list for yourself.

If you are new to designer board games, you may look at our F.A.Q. to learn more about them.

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To help identify the best of the best games, we've listed games that have won or been nominated in the following awards :
SdJ = Spiel des Jahres (German Game of the Year); DPS = Deutscher Spiele Preis (German Game Prize); IGA = International Gamers' Award

To help identify games good for kids or classrooms, we've listed games that have won or been nominated in the following awards :
DLP = Deutscher Lernspielpreis (Germany); KSE = Kinderspielexperten (Germany); NPC = National Parenting Center (USA); PCA = Parents' Choice Award (USA)

Example of using the filters :
* You are looking for a game as a gift for someone who likes strategy game: You may select "Strategy/ tactical" category. Then, you recall he enjoyed games by Antoine Bauza, you click filter icon under "Designer" column, click "Contains...", and type in "Antoine Bauza". If you find the list is still too long, you may select "SdJ/DPS/IGA" to narrow down the game-list, or enter a price range according to your budget.

Other than using the filters, you may also search by clicking anywhere in the table and then press [Ctrl] F on your keyboard.

If there is problem viewing or using the table, try using Internet Explorer. You might also need to install Microsoft Excel.
If you still need further assistance; please feel free to email us: